Red over Red

Red over Red

Friday, July 3, 2015

Okay, not so good with the blogging...

I'll admit, blogging always seems like a better idea on paper. It's like exercise; some people are dedicated to it and never miss the chance, and some people, like me, keep intending with sincere determination to do it, and then something (life) gets in the way.

So I apologize for not being so good about this. I may have to punt on the whole blog thing.

If you're on Facebook I have an author page and I do post things there, and that has pretty much taken the place of the blog. So, if you also do the Facebook thing I would encourage you to follow my page by clicking here.

Also, I would encourage anyone interested in my books to sign up for my newsletter by clicking here.

I won't bombard you with stuff. I'll be sending one out every month or so. It will have announcements of upcoming events, new releases and sample chapters and short stories that will only be available to people who have signed up.

Thanks for visiting my admittedly less than inspirational blog!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Coming to a Major On-Line Retailer Near You!

The publication date is set!

March 28 will be the launch date for the third book in the Norsemen Saga:

The Lord of Vík-ló

Having recovered from the wounds of battle, and having won for himself a fortune, a crew, and a longship, Thorgrim Night Wolf makes ready to leave the Viking town of Dubh-linn for the long journey back to his home in Norway. But the gods have other plans, and Thorgrim and his men wash up in the small Viking longphort of Vík-ló. Thinking themselves among friends, they soon learn that the opposite is true, that Grimarr Giant, the Lord of Vík-ló, has reason to want Thorgrim and his son Harald dead. In a world where they cannot tell friend from foe, a world of violence at sea and on land, Thorgrim, Harald, Ornolf, Starri and their band of Norsemen find themselves once again fighting not just for plunder, but for their very survival.

"James L. Nelson's Viking Sagas are a tour de force of tautly crafted twists, turns full of authentic detail, and plots that drive you to the finish!"
- Dewey Lambdin
Author of The Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures