Red over Red

Red over Red

Monday, February 27, 2012

Great Quote

I came across this quote the other day. It's from Melville's Redburn. The two characters are sitting in the forecastle after a particularly bad voyage is over. I think the sentiment here expresses why we do a lot of things that seem to make little sense:

But in silent gratitude at the end of a voyage almost equally uncongenial to both of us, and so bitter to one, Harry and I sat on a chest in the forecastle. And now the ship that we had loathed grew lovely in our eyes, which lingered over every familiar old timber, for the scene of suffering is a scene of joy when the suffering is past and the silent reminiscence of hardships departed is sweeter than the presence of delight.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crazy Season

Okay, here it goes...

Crazy Season is about to start (which means Nutty Season is just ending). Gearing up for many promo events for the Spring and Summer.

This week I'm at St. Albans giving a talk for Osher Lifelong Learning, which I always enjoy.

Next week, down to Mystic Seaport. My wife was going to come to that one, then decided not to. Then the woman from Mystic called and mentioned to my wife that they would be putting me up in a quaint historic inn in quaint downtown Mystic and my wife said, "That will be a room for two, please."

On March 10 I'll be participating in Cooks for Books, where people entertain authors and other guests for dinner as a fundraiser for the Portland Public Library.

Hope we'll see some of you at some of these events!