Red over Red

Red over Red

Friday, July 3, 2015

Okay, not so good with the blogging...

I'll admit, blogging always seems like a better idea on paper. It's like exercise; some people are dedicated to it and never miss the chance, and some people, like me, keep intending with sincere determination to do it, and then something (life) gets in the way.

So I apologize for not being so good about this. I may have to punt on the whole blog thing.

If you're on Facebook I have an author page and I do post things there, and that has pretty much taken the place of the blog. So, if you also do the Facebook thing I would encourage you to follow my page by clicking here.

Also, I would encourage anyone interested in my books to sign up for my newsletter by clicking here.

I won't bombard you with stuff. I'll be sending one out every month or so. It will have announcements of upcoming events, new releases and sample chapters and short stories that will only be available to people who have signed up.

Thanks for visiting my admittedly less than inspirational blog!