Red over Red

Red over Red

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oh, Brave New World...

Hey, this self-publishing stuff is fun! The new book, first one I've tried to publish myself, is out and getting some great feedback (example of feedback" "Did the guy who took the cover photo do it by accident after stabbing himself in the foot?")

Not quite sure why I'm finding this so exciting. I've published seventeen books in the traditional manner. I guess one advantage is that I can go to my account on-line and see how many copies have sold, which is more direct feedback than you could ever get with a publisher. Another, I suppose, is having so much control over the process. Whatever it is, I'm enjoying it. Reminds me of driving the golf cart at Maine Maritime Museum. I'm not sure why for a guy who drives a real car every day driving a golf cart is so much fun. It just is.

This self publishing thing would be even more fun if everyone who has not yet bought a copy rushes out and does so immediately. That can be accomplished by clicking here.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Got hit pretty good here on the Coast O'Maine! It was still snowing when my son and I went out to dig our way to civilization, such that it is around here.

The view out the front door. The wind made a weird vortex between the house and garage, piled all the snow on the porch and left some pretty spectacular geometric shapes. Note the snow 3/4 up the garage doorin the background. But on the other side of the driveway, my daughter's car didn't have a speck of snow on it, and no snow even surrounding it to a distance of two feet! God loves her and does not want her to have to scrape her car!

I guess the tarp and strongback on the boat will need a little adjusting. My daughter's car on the right with not a flake of snow on it.