Red over Red

Red over Red

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Madness Continues

Haven't updated the blog in a while because I keep waiting for some exciting news to report but there appears to be none in the offing. So, just to let folks know I'm still above ground, here we go.

Still hitting to promotion trail for the new book, With Fire and Sword. I was recently down in Boston doing a book signing at U.S.S. Constitution, my favorite ship. Here are some pictures.

Cool ship. Bloody cold day.
Some school kids from St. Louis recently sent me a Flat Stanley, a cut out guy based on kids book by Jeff Brown of that name. The idea is that Stanley enjoys adventures in other places, and then returns to the kids who sent him. In this case Stanley helped me with my book signing.

Jim Nelson and Flat Stanley sign books at the U.S.S. Constitution Museum Store