Red over Red

Red over Red

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Putting Boats to Bed

That time of the year. I am Skipper of a Sea Scout Ship, Ship 243, the Kennebec Rovers. Sea Scouts are part of the Boy Scouts Venturing Program, and is open to boys and girls 14 to 21. Being the Skipper is the equivalent of being a Boy Scout Scout Master.

The Kennebec Rovers prepare their boat for winter

In any event, our Sea Scout ship recently acquired a Bristol 24, a nice little pocket cruiser. We had a work party to get it ready to overwinter. I was so inspired by the young people's energy I went home and put a frame and cover on my own boat.

Me, my daughter Elizabeth (center) and friend Mary Catherine

You folks in warmer climes may not be familiar with this process. I remember when I lived in Los Angeles I was amazed that people talked about the "sailing season". It seemed to me that all year was sailing season. A December afternoon sailing in Southern California was like a late June day here in Maine.

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  1. Ich sehe mich drohen!!! Aber mein Angesicht ist Erfassungen. Oops , bedauernd mom. Ist jene unsachlich Aufschlu├č Ich bin gebend ab?