Red over Red

Red over Red

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Good News...

Just heard that the new book, With Fire and Sword, has been selected as a Military Book of the Month Club Alternate Selection and a History Book Club Main Selection. That's a nice honor, and the money I get from the sub rights sale will allow me to treat my whole family to pizza with three toppings!

With Fire and Sword will be in book stores March 1.

Off to Buffalo, NY and Ann Arbor next week for research on the next book, TBA. I would like to check out some of the War of 1812 sites, but I suspect they are under fifteen feet of snow.

Adding an increasing number of Author Events to the schedule for this year. You can check it out on my web site (which needs some serious work, and will get it, one of these days).


  1. We received our February History Book Club pamphlet yesterday, and sure enough, "With Fire And Sword" was prominently displayed over two full pages. Not only did you get more pages than Donald Rumsfeld's memoirs, but you were also quite a bit ahead of him. I hope your sales do as well (we have already returned our HBC card and look forward to an early delivery).

  2. Ed,

    Was I happy to learn Fire and Sword would be a History Book Club Main Selection? You bet! Was I pleased to beat Rummy in placement? Absolutly! Has Rumsfeld's habit of asking and answering his own questions become a rhetorical standard for everyone? Certainly! Does it drive me nuts? You bet!

    Hey, I no longer get the hard copies of the History Book Club literature. Any chance you still have it around, and if so, could you send it to me at PO Box 462, Harpswell, ME 04079?

    Would I be grateful? You bet!

  3. Do I still have the February History Book Club literature? Sorry, but I'm trying to break my hoarding habit, and tossed the pamphlet as soon as I received the book. Is there a chance that your book will receive prominent mention in March? I definitely think so. Will I sent the brochure to you? Absolutely!

    By the way, I've started "Fire and Sword," and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Although I'm obviously grateful for the results of his efforts, I'm not so sure that I would have enjoyed the company of Joseph Warren had I been one of his contemporaries. I think I would have been inclined to respond to his hyperbole with, "Good grief, man, get a grip!"

    This book comes at a particularly appropriate time for me. I volunteer at an elementary school, and a coming project for the 5th graders is to have a debate between King George and the Colonists. If I get a team to coach, I will encourage them to post a question or two on your blog in hopes of getting debate clinching, top secret, inside information.

    Sorry about tossing the brochure - I'm not normally that neat,

  4. Ed,

    I applaud your neatness. And if I can serve as a ringer for your debate team, just let me know.