Red over Red

Red over Red

Friday, November 16, 2012

Something I swore I would never do...

You know, when you're young and don't have a lot of life experience you have plenty of opportunity to swear you will never do certain things and then do them anyway. Sometimes you realize you were right the first time - you should never have done that - and sometimes you wonder what took you so long to give it a try.

The older you get, the more experience you accumulate and the fewer chances you have to do that sort of thing.

But here I am, getting ready to do Something I Swore I Would Never Do - self publish a book.

I've had this novel of Vikings in Ireland in my virtual drawer for years. It never found a publisher. I always thought it was pretty good, and reading it over again, I still think it's pretty good. So, damn it, I'm going to publish it myself. It's so bloody easy these days (for better or worse).

More as I move though the process...


  1. Wow! That an author who has been published multiple times would consider self-publishing is both daunting and inspiring. On one hand, it shows how tough the writing game can be, while on the other it offers hope to authors with nothing but rejection letters to show for their efforts. There are numerous questions I could pose, but for now let me simply ask if you plan to limit yourself to self-publishing electronically to avoid the expenses of printing and distribution? With the growing popularity of e-reading devices, I have to wonder if that will be the wave of the future. It seems like it would eliminate a number of middle men. Can't wait to hear about your progress.

  2. Vikings? Ireland? James Nelson?

    You've sold one copy already.

  3. Jim, some years back I made contact with your then-current agent Nat Sobel regarding my sequel to 'Treasure Island'.. stiff-armed. This for a novel with a built-in curiosity hook. It IS tough out there. Keep us posted! P.S. the POB online community is still going strong. - Karl Moeller