Red over Red

Red over Red

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This is Just One of My Favorite Things...

Blathering away in front of an audience! When my kids see me take on this pose and expression, that's when the eyes start rolling and they brace themselves for some serious pontificating. The good folks at the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Connecticut asked me to address their meeting. I've come to know a number of them over the years. They are great bunch, leading the charge to preserve our Revolutionary history. The best part, they made me an honorary member! My family only goes back in this country about 120 years, so I never get to be part of that sort of thing. My wife's goes way back, and she is tracing it now, so it's possible my kids will get to be in the Sons and Daughters of the American revolution and I won't, in which case they'll really rub my nose it it!

My thanks to the Society of the Cincinnati for their kindness and especially to Chris and Steve for sponsoring me. But this begs the age old question - do I want to be part of an organization that would have me for a member?

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