Red over Red

Red over Red

Friday, July 6, 2012

What I Did on My Summer Vacation...

Just got back from a great trip to Ireland and Scotland with my younger son, Jack. My sister lives in Ireland in the summers, so we visited her and we all went by car and ferry to Scotland. On the wrong side of both the road and the channel! (turns out they don't do the Red Right Returning thing in Europe. Or anywhere but the U.S. of A. Good thing they didn't ask me to navigate).

Here are some photos...

In the Scottish Highlands. Happily I am not wearing a kilt.

Me and Jack at Loch Ness (yes, that Loch Ness)

Jack on a boat on Loch Ness. We didn't even realize what the camera had caught in the background!


More Haggis!


  1. What is it with Scotland this summer? A friend in Colorado just went, a favorite author (not you) just went, another favorite author (this one is you) just went, and my brother and his family are over there now.

    Must be the Haggis, right?

  2. We had a chance to take a one day tour of the Highlands five years ago when the Mrs. and I were visiting our son, then working in Glasgow. The scenery was truly breathtaking, and that is a place I would gladly revisit. We never made it to Loch Ness, but the prevalence of glens, and bens, and firths, and coes provides magnificent vistas no matter which way one goes. It also seemed to be a place that generated many interesting stories. During our tour, we stopped for lunch at a pub in Glen Coe, the site of a legendary battle in 1692 between the MacDonalds and the Campbells. A sign outside the pub read “No peddlers or Campbells." My guess would be that they have a long memory in these parts.

    But I couldn't do the Haggis!

  3. Scotland was incredible and the haggis was one of the best parts. I'll admit I liked the haggis a little less after making the mistake of asking the waiter what was in it. As a friend of mine says, haggis is essentially made by reaching down the throat of a sheep and turning it inside out.